Digital Nomad Guide to Puerto Varas, Chile

updated:February 2019


Check out Puerto Varas Wikivoyage for general tourist info. This guide focuses on experiencing it as a digital nomad.

Puerto Varas is a lovely little resort town. It has a population of around 50,000, but the small, dense downtown has more than you’d expect for that size. That is mostly because of tourism, of which the high season is January & February.

There is a good internet, a decent coworking space (, and a Santander Work/Cafe (though it heavily blocks internet, including GitHub).


Buses go everywhere you need to go. You can catch them across from the tourist office in downtown.

Best Cafes

  • Cafe Esquina
    • Wifi: 50Mbps
    • Food: Good coffee, decent lunch specials and menu
    • Cost: Medium/High
    • Rating: 9/10
  • Cafe Puerto Madero
    • Wifi: 20Mbps
    • Food: Pastries, decent lunch specials
    • Cost: Medium
    • Rating: 6/10


  • Cochamo is an amazing place that looks like Yosemite. Great for hiking and climbing. Make reservations for camping in advance in the high season.
  • Chiloe island is a laid back place, worth a long weekend
  • Frutillar is close by (~30 minute bus) with another nice tourist area.
  • Bariloche, Argentina is just over the border, and you can hike there in a week if you want