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Announcing Read the Docs for Business

  • Oct 24 2014

I helped create Read the Docs over four years ago. It started with a humble goal of replacing a cron job on my own server. Since then, it has grown more than I ever could have imagined. It has become vital infrastructure for the Python community, and the programming world in general.

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Read the Docs goes full-time

  • Aug 08 2014

We have some exciting news in Read the Docs land this week. The project has been accepted into the Portland Incubator Experiment, as an open source project. This means that we have office space provided to us in Portland for three months, where we will be working on Read the Docs full-time. There will be two of us working on this: Eric Holscher and Anthony Johnson.

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How I Judge the Quality of Documentation in 30 Seconds

  • Feb 27 2014

As a developer, you develop instincts for judging quality of code. One of my favorite interview questions is:

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Sphinx isn’t just for Python

  • Feb 11 2014

I have heard a few times over the past couple months that Sphinx is “mainly for Python projects”. This line of thinking makes sense, because Sphinx was created to document Python itself. Sphinx however, is a generic documentation tool that is capable of documenting any software project.

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