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Stanford U

  • Dec 31 2007

Just found that there is lots of awesome college content on iTunes. Standford U has some awesome stuff, I recommend watching Steve Jobs 2005 Commencement speech. Inspiring.

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Merry Christmas

  • Dec 25 2007

Merry Xmas everyone!

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Python Easy Install

  • Dec 21 2007

EDIT: Hey everyone, I wrote an updated post that actually tells how to setup a django app (and any python app) using easy install. Check it out!

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Browser Tabs

  • Dec 20 2007

My first four browser tabs have been the same for the past couple hours. The first is the root of all evils, and the other three are productive!

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Lego Lovers

  • Dec 20 2007

I know you loved Lego’s as a kid. I wasn’t hugely into them, but this site makes me wish I was.

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Getting Real

  • Dec 18 2007

Just started reading a book by the guys over at 37signals. It looks amazing. Completely free online. I’ll get back with a review once I’m done, and hopefully with a finished website as well :)

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Ideas need context

  • Dec 13 2007

Having this project to work on gives me more ideas. The ideas have context. Context makes them more valuable than abstract ideas that they once were. My context allows others to relate my ideas to their context easier than abstract ideas. Nice abstract idea isn’t it? :)

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First Post

  • Dec 09 2007

Testing Django Awesomeness

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  • Dec 05 2007

Wordpress you were good to me. I’m going to migrate all my posts over to a new Django blogging app I’m writing. Part of my website for the Event Calendar and learning Django Done soonish hopefully

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  • Nov 25 2007

Implemented Background processes, the ps command, and the kill command in GeekOS today for my Operating System class (hard shit!). Really neat stuff though.

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Last semester in stone

  • Nov 20 2007

Registered for classes today, pretty excited about my schedule. My last semester senior year isn’t going to be a cake walk like it should be (because i’m lazy), but it’s going to be much better than this one. Taking the second part of my Physics lab (required) and 2 PE classes, tennis and weight training, fulfilling all of my required classes for the school. I’m going to be continuing my senior Independent Study Project, for another 3 credits. I’ll be taking a 300-level CS database class to round out my Compsci Education. I will then also either be taking discrete math or intro to film studies, pass/fail. If discrete doesn’t look like it’ll be too much work i’ll take them, if not i’ll do film studies and coast.

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Writing Advice?

  • Nov 14 2007

The story starts out unusually. One of my friends is trying to write a very important letter to a family member. He doesn’t know how to write it. He has the outline, but is very worried about the implied psychological impact. They worry about the reader thinking too much; “was he trying to be so nice and just said all nice things”, or on the inverse “Wow, how hateful, full of hate he must have been”…We brainstorm the answer to the question which will seem obvious.

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Cool site:

  • Nov 13 2007

The Internet Archive is one of the neatest sites on the internet. I like them for a variety of reasons. First and foremost is the live music archive, they currently have 44,134 live concerts posted on their website. Completely free to download/stream til your hearts content. Most of the bands I like these days are on there, and they have an extensive Grateful Dead collection.

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Fall is coming (and good content)

  • Nov 04 2007

It’s almost daylight savings time, this weekend. That makes me sad, I hate it getting dark at 5pm. It will make work much more manageable though. My current schedule is working 2-8 Monday’s and Wednesdays. I adopted this schedule to make sure that I actually got some hours over the school year. 12/hr work weeks aren’t too bad, but it is pretty hard with my hardest ever semester of school.

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Firefox Extensions I Use

  • Nov 01 2007

Basically just a knowledge dump of The firefox extensions I use and where to get them for future reference.

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Digg/Wordpress plugin ideas

  • Oct 30 2007

A lot of websites have those annoying ‘digg this’ buttons, with 0 diggs on it. How silly that makes them look. I feel like an idiot reading a web page that nobody else cares about…

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UMW Blog Ring

  • Oct 17 2007

Another idea to write up:

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  • Oct 10 2007

I hope to write atleast one post a day, saying what I learned from that day. Mostly like a journal, and not super interesting to most people. I feel like this will help me improve my writing and give me content to write about. (I hope my days aren’t so boring that the old adage doesn’t apply)

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Network KVM

  • Mar 06 2007

This neat little program lets you use your network as a KVM. You set up a ‘server’ computer where you use the mouse and keyboard, and then ‘client’ computers on the right of left of your server, and when you go off the screen of the server, it automagically goes to control the mouse and KB of the client machine. Really neat.

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  • Feb 18 2007

It’s amazing the difference having one person in your life can make or break your entire existence. Usually this would apply to a significant other, but a best friend is just as valuable if not more. Went to JMU for less than 24 hours with a good friend from school; to meet my best friend since second grade. We all got along marvelously and it was one of the best nights i’ve had in a long while. My spirits are high, I feel motivated, and my faith in humanity has once again been restored.

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  • Feb 07 2007

We had a little jam session at my house over the past weekend. My roomate Tessie recorded it and here is a link to the mp3: Hope you enjoy it, its lots of drums, a theramin, and a bass.

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Updating website

  • Jan 28 2007

I’m starting to update my website, moving everything from .shtml over to cgi’s because it’s easier. Also building out my web-based lyrics script to include saying lyrics are bad or good. Also trying to figure out a good way to automatically get all of the lyrics from an artist whenever one is found. Then run this in the background and they will be in the database cached when requested.

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  • Jan 09 2007

Apple just released the iPhone today. This looks like a paradigm shift in the world of mobile phones. It’s amazing how much a company can innovate when it doesn’t have it’s own silly motives to protect. Most other companies have ‘walled gardens’ or their own internet that they are trying to make money off of, so they don’t offer Wifi access. It runs OS X, how long until this thing gets VoIP compatibility? They are Partnering with Cingular, so they may nix that idea, but it has to be on everyone’s minds. The iPhone looks damned impressive, and if you go to their site you can see the amazing prototype.

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Good Software is SO hard to find..

  • Jan 07 2007

I just installed Songbird which is a really neat music player built on top of XUL (of firefox fame). It’s cross platform (yey good Linux support) and is currently only a developer release. It’s working great for me and I’m excited about the possibilities. One pet peeve is that it didn’t have a systray icon for it, one feature that i’ve grown accustomed to. Browsing their forms someone pointed to Alltray, which allows you to launch a program “alltray program”, and it will automatically create a systray icon for it. COOL! How have I not heard of this before?

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