Fall is coming (and good content)

It’s almost daylight savings time, this weekend. That makes me sad, I hate it getting dark at 5pm. It will make work much more manageable though. My current schedule is working 2-8 Monday’s and Wednesdays. I adopted this schedule to make sure that I actually got some hours over the school year. 12/hr work weeks aren’t too bad, but it is pretty hard with my hardest ever semester of school.

Today I read more about entrepreneurship, an issue that vastly interests me more and more every day. I feel like I have the right personality to start a company, and the skillset of engineering to do it. The computer is my canvas, the internet my vocabulary, and programming my paint. The huge freedom and flexibility afforded by the computer and internet are awe inspiring, but also very intimidating. I can most literally do anything, so what does one do?

I guess this situation is better than the people who got liberal arts degrees, namely most of my friends. They are in the same situation as I am, except without the skills to create something new, and without the vast salary potential. I am grateful that I am blessed to enjoy doing something that most other people do not. The power of computers and the internet is so awesome.

To start a company I need to have people to start it with. The CS department at Mary Wash has been slow in giving me people who I feel like I could do that with. I get along with some of the people, but don’t consider a large amount of them good friends though. A lot of people seem to not actually be interested in CS, or at least not for the right reasons. A lot of ‘suffer through CS education to get paid a lot’ type, like doctors or lawyers. I have a couple of prospects for co-founders, but I wish I had a bigger network of Computer Science folk.

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