Updating website

I’m starting to update my website, moving everything from .shtml over to cgi’s because it’s easier. Also building out my web-based lyrics script to include saying lyrics are bad or good. Also trying to figure out a good way to automatically get all of the lyrics from an artist whenever one is found. Then run this in the background and they will be in the database cached when requested.

Also thinking of displaying a directory of artists, or even an AJAX interface to typing in the artist names and it has suggestions. That is seriously cool and might be able to be accomplished, and done well. We’ll see how things go, I might even get credit in my AJAX class for doing the lyrics thing. I only had time to do research getting all of an artists songs today. In the spare time i have between 15 credits and 12 hrs a week at my internship. Time is scarce, and needs to be spent doing creative things. :)

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