Last semester in stone

Registered for classes today, pretty excited about my schedule. My last semester senior year isn’t going to be a cake walk like it should be (because i’m lazy), but it’s going to be much better than this one. Taking the second part of my Physics lab (required) and 2 PE classes, tennis and weight training, fulfilling all of my required classes for the school. I’m going to be continuing my senior Independent Study Project, for another 3 credits. I’ll be taking a 300-level CS database class to round out my Compsci Education. I will then also either be taking discrete math or intro to film studies, pass/fail. If discrete doesn’t look like it’ll be too much work i’ll take them, if not i’ll do film studies and coast.

I’m excited about taking the database class. I feel that is one of the few wholes in my CompSci theory education, and it was the one class I was sorry I hadn’t gotten to take. I don’t understand DB’s well at all, and this class should fix that. It will make me a better web developer, and understanding of DB logic is applicable to a lot of the field, in the form of data storage and data relationships.

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