Browser Login Discovery

There are some really cool ideas floating around the interwebs these days, dealing with discovery of authentication. A lot of the talk is about integrating OpenID into the browser, but I don’t think it needs to be limited to that. People are working on good ways to auto-discover what the login end-points are on some pages. So when I go to, there will be a specific URL to go to that will list the places where you can login, and what they support. For example: /authEnds.xml would say that /account/login/ is the endpoint of login on my site.

I feel that this could be builtin to the browser. That wouldn’t be too hard, but I think we can do it with already existing technologies. All of the major browsers currently support saving of passwords for logins on a site. This means that they know what page, and what domain they are on, for the correct login information to be displayed. Why can’t we make a Firefox extension that does:

Land on a page. Search saved passwords for that domain. If a saved password exists, display a small dropdown box to ask if we would like to login (if we aren’t already). Submit saved login information to the saved login form destination. PROFIT!

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