Obama & Va

I’m really excited that Obama “won” Super Tuesday. He got more states and more votes, and has been declared the winner, even though Hilary is only like 5 votes behind. I’m glad that Virginia is actually important this primary season, and I think this is the first time I will ever vote. I have never had a good reason to vote before, but Obama is such an inspiration. As is almost cliche these days, he is actually inspiring me to get out and vote! That is no small undertaking, and I believe a large part of how he is doing so well. Young people aren’t apathetic, all previous candidates have just been God Awful.

I also love this onion piece about the candidates and their stances on Iraq, so funny.

Hillary Clinton: “I would never have voted for the war had we known it would become unpopular.”

In closing, here’s to kicking out Bush! :) The original homeland security

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