Earthquakes in politics

An interesting opinion piece that I read at work in the NY Times today. Talks about how Obama and Huckabee both embody vastly different philosophies of government than the previous established order. It gives me hope to hear them discribed that way. Hopefully the existing governmental structures won’t sink their hopes and dreams for this once-great country of ours. Two Earthquakes

Related, a blog I read linked to a quote from Huckabee about education that I found inspirational, showing his very interesting and worthy outlook.

From Iowa winner Mike Huckabee: “Education is only a true education if we’re developing both the left and right brain of the student . … Take a room of 5-year-olds and give them a piece of paper and crayon and every one of them draws a picture. When he’s 15 that kid won’t draw the picture or sing the song. Somehow the education system beat out of him or her the creativity that was innate in that student.”

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