Lawrence Day 1

FRICKIN SWEET. What a cool town. Couple random things made my day today.

First was the guy walking around downtown just giving everyone peace signs. Eyeing them down until they looked at him, and people gave him peace signs back! It was so funny and random, and just made my day. What a great community of people.

The second was the random drum circle in downtown. There were about 3 or 4 people sitting around playing Djembe’s in the downtown (I almost said Djangos haha). Not asking for money or anything, but just chillin and providing good music for the people. Very cool.

The third was the guy from the video game store out on the street selling $1 N64 and SNES games. I didn’t buy any because I owned most of the ones he was selling, but damn that’s awesome.

Had a great day just driving around the town checkin stuff out. They have 3 disc golf courses, which is awesome. Went out to Clinton Lake and the place is gorgeous. There seems to be a swimming area, but it was in the pay section of the park and I didn’t have any cash.

My house is amazing. I get the biggest room and my window goes out onto the porch roof so I get my own private huge little balcony area. The house is beautiful, Victorian and old. Wood floors in the bedrooms, and lots of cool decorations. I setup a few of my treasured belongings around the house and it already feels like home.

Went out last night with one roommate and their friends and got along great, had a great time. Then went with Emily (my aussie friend) and Jake to see Friday the 13th at midnight, on Friday the 13th at the local really cool theater. Great first night!

Here’s to more good times. Cheers!

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