Eek! The job starts Monday! That is like, 36 hours from now. I’m really excited and slightly nervous. The excited feeling comes from the place I’ll be working. For posterities sake, here is the series of interactions that landed me the job:

Senior Project

Start using Django and Python to learn the Python language. Fall in love with Django pretty close to the beginning of the project.


I read most of the Django documentation PDF in the Virgin Islands over break, and really fall in love.


Start applying for jobs, and decide to work with Perl or Python. Decide working with Django would be awesome! The people who invented it are hiring, why not go straight to the source…

Their job posting

Unofficially, the job description is “build cool shit.” Our goals are nothing short of being the coolest and most innovative web teams in the world. We’re the people newsrooms come to when they need to implement special features and new sites, but we do a whole lot more: Full Posting

Sounds awesome!

My e-mail to them

Title: Junior Developer with extreme ass-kicking skills

Body: I’ve been a huge fan of LAMP style development for a good 4 years. I started using Perl and have switched to using Django and Python for my latest project (very impressed). I attached my resume, and my current site is It still isn’t launched, but getting closer everyday. I’ve heard a lot about Lawrence from my friend I met from there while studying aboard in Australia. Wakarusa is a big draw, as well as the amazing music scene.

My resume is attached with more examples of my work and other formalities.

Cheers, Eric Holscher

And the rest is history waiting to be made! I start Monday!!!

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