Busy Busy

So at work since I started for Mediaphormedia, currently World Online, and the birthplace of Django, I have been tasked with porting Ellington. Ellington is the CMS that we create and sell, and is what Django originally was. Django was pulled out of Ellington and Open Sourced.

So when I got here, my first job was tasked with porting Ellington. We have a version running on Revision 1290 and .91. Aka, really damn old, pre-magic removal old. We were tasked with porting this to Django 1.0 (which is around revision 9300). That is a whole 8000 source code revisions, and 600% more revisions than the base. That is a whole lot of code.

So today at work, we are launching our 3 main sites; Ljworld, KU Sports, and Lawrence.com. These will be running all on Django 1.0, which is a monumental task.

That is the reason today’s post is short. Was bug fixing all day, and I have to be up at 5am to go in and put out the fires that will surely happen once users start hitting the site.

I will have an updated post afterward about the experience.

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