Django’s Summer of Code students announced!

Today is the day that Google has announced the accepted projects for the Summer of Code. Django has 6 spots this year, with a bunch of exciting projects. I am lucky enough to be mentoring Kevin Kubasik with his project “Upgrade the Awesomness Quotient of the Django Test Utils and Regression Suite”. I’m really excited for the opportunity to help improve Django by overseeing Windmill testing of the admin, and lots of other small testing improvements that will hopefully make it into trunk.

I would like to congratulate all the students that got accepted, and to everyone who didn’t, you can still contribute! Also remember that contributing through the year will make the chance of you being accepted next year a lot higher! Here is the full list of accepted proposals:

Honza Král, “Model aware validation” Mentor: Joseph Kocherhans

Kevin Kubasik, “Upgrade the Awesomness Quotient of the Django Test Utils and Regression Suite” Mentor: Eric Holscher

Christopher Cahoon, “Improved HTTP and WSGI Support” Mentor: Malcolm Tredinnick

Zain Memon, “UI improvements for the admin interface” Mentor: Jacob Kaplan-Moss

Marc Albert Garcia Gonzalo, “Implementation of additional i18n features” Mentor: Jannis Leidel

Alex Gaynor, Multiple Database Support in Django Mentor: Russell Keith-Magee

Note that you can view the full list with abstracts on Google’s site.

Looking forward to a summer full of great new features and amazing community involvement for Django and all the organizations participating. A big thank you to Google and Jannis Leidel for sponsoring and administering Summer of Code, respectively.

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