Using rsync with django

Just a quick warning/tip on using Django with rsync, for other people pulling their hair out later.

When you use rsync a good way to get a directory is using rsync -aCq, which means recursively, quietly, move a directory ignoring common files. The -a command means ‘archive’; keep permissions and as much data about the files as possible. We use -C because it ignores .pyc and .svn files. However, in the list of included files is ‘core’, so that you don’t move over core dumps.

Django however has a core directory inside of it, and using -C causes rsync to ignore that directory. So we ended up using the rsync command like so:

rsync -aCq --include=core

Hopefully this saves people some time trying to rsync Django in the future. I’d be curious what other rsync commands that people use for moving around django and/or other files.

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