Google Summer of Code

It’s that time of year again, and the Google Summer of Code is happening again. This year Django will be applying again, and there is currently a Wiki page on the Django wiki devoted to ideas and people who want to volunteer to help mentor. I think this is a great opportunity for students, mentors, and the projects involved. It is a really neat learning experience. Even if you can’t participate, it’s a good chance to put ideas up that some enterprising student might pick up and run with.

Last year had some really successful work done, with Django’s Aggregation framework, F Expressions, and a revamped comments framework all coming out of last years efforts!

This is your time to really help give back to the community and help some neat, innovative work get done at the same time. You can also show a student the value and fun in open source work. The focus on SoC is in new feature development, so it’s an exciting way to hopefully get your pony into Django. So go add some ideas to the wiki or volunteer to mentor if you have the time and knowledge. Most of all if you’re a student, apply! This is a really great opportunity that Google provides you, you get paid, and you get to help make something amazing!

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