Pycon and Euro Djangocon

The ice is starting to thaw and I’m making my way out from under my first winter in Kansas. You know that spring is coming because the conference season is starting to bloom. I’m looking forward to a bunch of conferences that will be upcoming in the new few months. I’ll be attending two of them, and hope to see lots of interesting people there!


First up is Pycon, which is happening at the end of March. I am really excited to be going, seeing some of the great talks that are planned, and meeting some of the awesome people in the community.

Following the conference, there will also be a Django sprint that I will be attending. I know the 1.1 release candidate of Django is supposed to be released some time during the sprints, so that will be exciting!

Euro Djangocon

I submitted a talk that was accepted for Euro DjangoCon that I am really excited about. I will be talking about Testing in the Django realm, which I think is one of the areas where our community needs to improve. I’m looking forward to having discussions with people about how we can make testing (even more) amazing in Django. It will be a great opportunity to get to Prague, and enjoy the European Django Community that I have only met online.

The conference talks will be on May 4-6. There will also be two days of sprints after this one, which I assume will be used to brainstorm and get some neat things started for Django 1.2.

I’m really looking forward to these conferences, and I hope that everyone can get a chance to come out and participate in the discussion about Django and the community.

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