A better webhook for code hosting

I have written a couple of different services that have needed to be required when your repository has had code committed to it. The normal path of getting this to happen is to ask your users to add your special URL to their list of post-commit hooks for their repository. However, once you have 3 or 4 or 10 services that need to do this, it becomes cumbersome. If I am a user that has 5 repos and I want to use 5 services, this is 25 times that I need to copy/paste some URLs into a form on a website.

I think that a publish subscribe model is better here, because that way the end user doesn’t need to constantly be caring about who is listening to their commits. I think that Pub Sub Hub Bub sounds like it does what I want. However, I think it should be baked into the tools.

I am imagining an opt-in service for your repository (and other things), that gets pushed to when a user commits, and I can subscribe to. So an example workflow would be

  • User adds their repository to the PSHB or whatever service (push.github.com/eric/my_repo)

  • I POST to the Hub with my URL I want to be pushed to on commit

  • When a User commits, github pings the PSHB Hub, which pushs the commits to anyone listening.

This allows my service to listen in to your repositories updates without having to force you to go through a bunch of hassle. This just feels like a better fit for the current webhook model that we have.

I think that this is what PSHB does, but it is more focuses on RSS/ATOM, instead of just being a replication hub for JSON data. I assume that PSHB could be shoehorned into this task, and it would make the atmosphere of apps around code a lot easier to write.

As a side note, it would be pretty awesome if this same service allowed bitbucket, github, google code, and launchpad to post data into it, but sanitized it so the listener on the other side only had to support one format of data.

Edit: Looks like Superfeedr has already done this.

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