Conference Fun

It’s conference season and I realized that I haven’t talked about any of the ones that I’ve been to or am going to, so I figured it would be a good post.

Djangocon US

Djangocon US is just around the corner, and I’m getting excited about going back to Portland for another year. The conference is being held in the second week of September (7-9th) with sprints afterwards. I will be speaking again at Djangocon, talking about the awesome applications that the Python community has put together. Modeled and named after my blog series “Large Problems, Mostly Solved”, and the full desciption is available on the Djangocon site. The full schedule of speakers has a little bit for everyone.

My friend Danny has been highlighting some of the talks and other reasons he’s also excited about going this year on his blog. It’s a great oppertunity to meet up with all the members of the community and see them present ideas that they have been working on, and it really makes you appreciate the scope of the Django world. I highly recommend going for anyone who is interested in or doing Django developement.

Strange Loop

Strange Loop is a conference right around the corner in St Louis, Mo. It is a general developer conference, without any kind of specific focus besides being awesome. The keynotes that I’m super excited about are Douglas Crockford (Author of Javascript: The Good Parts) and Guy Steele (whos Growing a Language talk is excellent).

I think a crew of us from Lawrence are going to go, and the full speaker list doesn’t fail to disappoint. I think it will be a really interesting experience, with lots of different communities coming together.

Djangocon EU

Djangocon EU is the Django communities conference in Europe. It was held in Berlin this year, and was a smashing success. It was the first conference run by the community, and I think the organizers did a fantastic job with the food, talks, venue, and general galavanting around Berlin that ensued.

I realized that I forgot to post the slides to my talk afterwards, so I’ll go ahead and post it here for posterity. It is a talk about Continuous Integration, Testing, and some of the tools and utils in that realm. If you haven’t seen it before, I hope you learn something:

Making the most of your Test Suite

View more presentations from ericholscher.

I know that I love software conferences, especially Open Source oriented ones (I’ve never been to another kind :). So I hope to see (or that I saw you) at one of these awesome events.

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