Django Testing Mailing List

I have a couple of testing related applications in the Django community. I don’t have a good way of communicating with the users of these apps, namely about releases, or helping with support questions. So I am starting the Django Testing Mailing List for people that are interested in my testing projects: django-test-utils, django-crawler, and django-kong.

This is kind of an experiment of a combined mailing list for a couple of different projects. Hopefully people that are interested in one will be interested in the others, so we’ll see how it goes.

If you have a testing related app for Django that doesn’t have a good place to discuss, feel free to make it your home as well.

Note: This is more a place to discuss issues my django applications. If you are interested in testing, the Testing in Python list and the #python-testing IRC channel on Freenode are both great resources as well.

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