I have always had an interest in teaching, and I believe that conference presentations are one of the best ways to teach in a professional setting.

I believe that speakers should be part of the conference as well as presenting talks. A lot of the value in conferences comes from the hallways. If I speak at your conference, I will also attend.

I am interested in speaking on the following topics:

  • Documentation

  • Read the Docs & Sphinx

  • Django & Python

  • Leading Open Source Projects

If you would like me to speak at your event, feel free to email me


Here are a few videos of my previous talks.

GitHub webcast: Using GitHub for documentation

Was featured on a GitHub webcast talking about using GitHub for documentation. You can see more information and get the video here:


How GitHub Uses GitHub - Writing documentation for your project from GitHub on Vimeo.

Introduction to Sphinx & Read the Docs - Djangocon 2015

My thoughts on why Documentation is important, how Sphinx thinks about documentation, and how to use it well.

Documentation as Empathy - Open Source & Feelings

My thoughts on how Documentation plays a role in the open source world.

Documentation as Empathy - Django Birthday

This talk tells the story of how Documentation was a large part of my entry into the tech world. I relate this to other folks who are trying to get into the tech world, and how we need to continue to improve documentation to keep them in the industry.

Past Events

I have spoken at the following events, on a number of topics including Read the Docs, IRC bots, Testing, and Documentation:

  • ConFoo 2016 Vancouver

  • Keynote: Pycon Colombia 2016

  • Keynote: PyCaribbean 2015

  • Open Source & Feelings, 2015

  • Django Under the Hood 2015

  • Djangocon US 2015, 2011, 2010

  • Django Birthday 2015

  • Keynote: Pycon Malaysia 2014

  • Pycon Phillipines 2014

  • Open Source Bridge 2014, 2012, 2011

  • Pycon Web Summit 2012

  • OSCON 2011

  • Djangocon Europe 2010, 2009

Organizing & Speaking

  • Write the Docs 2013-2016

  • Write the Docs EU 2014-2016

More information available on Lanyrd: http://lanyrd.com/profile/ericholscher/past/speaking/